Fingal Bay

Last Updated on July 5, 2021 by Kyle Tully

Unspoiled, picturesque and idyllic – just a couple words to describe the pristine, white sand shoreline of Fingal Bay.

Hidden out of sight and swaddled by national park, Fingal Bay is a haven for salt water lovers. This family-friendly, patrolled beach is perfect to catch a wave, catch a fish, or just catch a few rays. Let the crystal clear waters refresh your mind and energise your soul, while the sun envelopes you in it’s warm embrace.

In Kiddie Corner, on the southern end of Fingal Bay’s almost 2km stretch, you’ll find much calmer waters. A utopia for families with young children, or those ready to enjoy a relaxing lilo in the warm water and gentle rocks of the ocean.

To the Northern end is the notorious (but glorious) Fingal Spit. The spit links the mainland to Fingal Island. Beautiful and by nature’s design, the water running over Fingal Spit is often treacherous and it is not recommended any individual cross the spit or enter the water. Enjoy Mother Nature in all her glory from the safety of the dry sand dunes.

On the Sand: 

You’ll find the Surf Life Saving Club in the middle of the beach. Parking is located off of Marine Drive, and fills up quickly during peak season! More street parking can be found all along Marine Drive.

In the Sea: 

Average seawater temperatures for Fingal Bay peak in the range of 22 to 26°C (72 to 79°F) in early February and are at their lowest mid August, in the range 17 to 20°C (63 to 68°F).

Water tends to feel warmer on the southern side (Kiddie Corner) as the water is shallower and the beach is protected from the cooler, southerly wind.

Water clarity is usually great as Fingal Bay is protected from most large swells.

A 4WD access boat ramp is located on the southern end of the beach, however it is closed during the peak summer period for the safety of children and beach goers.

On the Land: 

Fingal Bay Foreshore Reserve follows the length of the beach, starting from the Surf Life Saving Club, finishing on the southern end by Kiddies Corner. You’ll find lots of shaded picnic areas and BBQs dot their way along the reserve, an off leash (and enclosed) dog run as well as a large park to tire the kids out in. Public toilets can be found at either end of the park.

Spot breaching humpback whales from the Barry Park Whale Watching Platform from May to October. Even outside of whale watching season, Barry Park (and it’s platform) are stunning nooks to discover. Follow the walking trail to spot echidnas and other native fauna in their natural environment.

Lunch can be deliciously whipped up by The Cellar Cafe on Market Street, or Longboat Cafe right by the entrance to the patrolled beach and SLSC. For an all-encompassing vantage of Fingal Bay, we highly recommend dining in at Saltwater Restaurant, located above the SLSC. Fresh food, calm and inviting space with floor to ceiling, 180 degree views. Definitely the best seat in the house! Book a table to avoid disappointment.

There are no major shopping centres or outlets in Fingal Bay. Amenities can be purchased from the Friendly Grocer on Market Street.