Is Murray's The Best Family Friendly Venue For Beers, Burgers, and Pizza?

3443 Nelson Bay Rd, Bobs Farm NSW 2316

10am – 6pm
7 Days

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Craft beers on tap. Burgers on the grill. The delightful aroma of wood fired pizza in the air. And live music all day long. What’s not to like?

There are few places we’re drawn to more than Murray’s whenever we get a sunny Sunday afternoon. Set on a 35-hectare property in Bob’s Farm, Murray’s brew all their craft beers on site. There are up to 10 beers on tap at any one time. They source food ingredients locally, and grow most of their veggies on the property.

It’s dog-friendly and there’s plenty of room for the kids to run around. Seating indoors, outdoors on the deck, and outside on the grass under the trees (our favourite). You can even have a whack at a game of bocce while you wait for your food.

It’s those little details that make Murray’s Craft Brewing Co one of the best venues in the bay.

Murrays Craft Beer
Award-winning craft beers and Port Stephens wines get made on-site.

Craving Craft Beer and Wood Fired Pizza

After a fun sunrise surf on Sunday, the forecast for the rest of the June long weekend was nothing but sunshine. And with nowhere in particular to be on Monday a trip to Murray’s was always on the cards. Long weekends can get pretty chokkas. Especially with covid restrictions making space a premium. So it’s best to book a table to be safe.

We arrived a few minutes before midday and did the obligatory covid-safe (and Facebook) checkins. The early arrival gave us first dibs on where to sit. So we snagged a table high up on the hill in the sun overlooking the festivities. The perfect spot for people and puppy watching.

Murrays Wood Fired Pizza
The sweet smell of wood fired pizza fills the air.

Murray’s Menu

While Murray’s are best known for their beers, truth be told it’s the food that keeps us coming back. There’s everything you’d expect from a brewery — BBQ, Burgers, Pizza, and Wings — with enough healthier and lighter options to please even the pickiest eater in the group. Cheese platters, salads, vegan options, and kids meals mean there is something for everyone.

The Brewery BBQ sings a siren song for me. The Smoked Brisket Plate (serves two regular humans or one hungry lad) is a personal favourite. Thick cuts of brisket lathered in BBQ sauce, served with slaw, beer pickles, beer battered chips, and a milk bun. Delicious. And Murray’s BBQ Pork Ribs are some of the best in Port Stephens. You can guarantee someone will make a Flintsones reference as you lug them back to your table.

Burger And Chips
The Farm Burger (mmmm haloumi) and chips.

If you’re hungry but not that hungry then the Brewery Burgers are a winner. The “Fred” burger will give you a taste of the full Brewery BBQ experience, featuring smoked brisket, cheese, bacon, and pickles. The “Big Bird” buttermilk fried chicken burger is amazing and always the most popular option when we go in a group. The “Farm Burger” which is based on smoked oxhart tomato and grilled haloumi is light (as far as burgers go) and a hit with the non meat eaters in our group.

Today wifey opts for the Farm Burger while the wood fired pizza has my name on it. We must have parked downwind of the pizza oven because from the moment we stepped out of the car I was drooling. The special of the day is a pork belly pizza and I take this as a sign from the universe I’ve made the right choice.

Murray’s tell me they make, roll, and throw their own dough using Murray’s XPA for flavour. I don’t know if it’s that, or some kind of witchcraft, but the pizzas are amazing. This week’s special is packed with fresh ingredients, on a medium base cooked to perfection, and stacked with melt-in-you-mouth pork belly. I devour the entire thing before I’ve even finished my first beer. No regrets.

Pizza And Beer
Pork belly pizza and an After Dark stout are both standouts.

Murray’s Drinks Menu

“No boring beer” has been one of Murray’s slogans for as long as I can remember. And they never fail to deliver.

If you’re into craft beer then you’ve likely sampled at least one of Murray’s staples: Whale Ale, Fred, Angry Man, or my personal favourite the After Dark Stout. (Most of these are now available at your local bottle shop if you’re yet to indulge.) And depending on how good your local selection of craft beers is, you might have gotten your taste buds on some of their season range such as the Grand Cru, Ghost Gate (amazing!), or Nectabomb.

Murrays Drinks Menu
There’s up to 10 beers on tap at any time.

But what makes a trip to the Murray’s estate exciting is they’re always brewing up something fresh and interesting to try. Depending on the day you might find anything from a Mango Whale Ale, to a Cosmo Cranberry & Lime Sour, Chocolate and Pineapple IPA, Boysenberry Sour, Rhubarb Belgian Saison, or something equally exotic. They’re always pushing the boundaries of what you imagine beer can be, and more often than not knock it out of the park.

Of course, if beer isn’t your thing then they’ve got a full range of Port Stephens wines, spirits, and non-alcoholic options. In 2017 they launched the Murray’s distillery offering a small range of craft spirits including gin, vodka, and liqueurs. And in true Murray’s style these are anything but boring. Think Coconut Vodka, Jaffa Liqueur, and Christmas Gin. They are all beautifully bottled and make a great gift or take home for yourself to keep the party going.

Murrays Brewery Live Music
Free live music every weekend.

Live Music

Few things instantly add vibe to a venue faster than live music. It brings us together, makes us feel a part of something bigger than ourselves, and if nothing else drowns out the sound of any nearby babies. Murray’s have free live music every weekend and it really helps give the place a great atmosphere that can so easily be lost in such a large venue.

Check out their gigs page for upcoming events.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to Murray’s Brewery?

  • By Car – There’s a link to get directions in the info box above. Murray’s is located in Bob’s Farm on Nelson Bay road. If you’re staying in the bay you passed it on your left on the way in. The road is dual carriage so if you’re coming from town you can’t turn right into Murray’s. Instead, you have to drive past it heading towards Newcastle and look for the “Wineries” signs where you can turn right and get back on to the other side of the road. Once you’re heading back into town it’ll be coming up fast on your left.
  • The Murray’s Brewery Bus – If driving sounds too confusing (or you’re planing on having a big one) then there’s a $5 shuttle bus that runs on weekends from Nelson Bay to Murray’s. Click here for more info.
  • Taxi, Uber, or Superdrive – Book a ride and tell ’em to take you to Murray’s!

Is Murray’s Brewery dog-friendly?

YES! Murray’s is dog-friendly to friendly dogs on leash.

Who owns Murray’s Brewery?


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